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Quantum Laser Therapy

Quantum Laser therapy in the treatment of human tissues, has been recognized as a factor that is scientifically indisputable. Quantum laser effect of the organism, or various drugs hidden up under the pressure of external factors and regeneration abilities to adapt to the cell level and at the level of biological systems, warns. Thus, tissue repair process begins.

Laser Therapy Quantum Quantum Medical Association developed by Russia to the laser devices, because of the important contributions to the Health of the Russian Nation Gold medal awarded by the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

DISEASES endocrine system

For the quantum treatment of diseases of the endocrine system, improve blood circulation and parenchymal edema reduction, on the other hand due to the positive effects on the immune system stimulates the glands to work again.

These diseases include:
Diabetes Mellitus - Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Chronic Pancreatitis

The thyroid gland diseases, diffuse goiter, Hashimoto thyroid.

Circulatory system diseases

Laser treatment of diseases of the circulatory system using quantum treatment is a very important procedure. Quantum therapy by reducing lipid peroxidation and cholesterol levels in the blood by reducing the microcirculation-capillary blood circulation, improves oxygen is transported in blood and tissues, and thereby improve the health, reduce disease-forming factors. Reducing the side effects of anti-arrhythmia drugs on the other hand is also effective in cases of cardiovascular failure.

Laser treatment of diseases of the circulatory system using quantum treatment is a very important procedure. Quantum therapy by reducing lipid peroxidation and cholesterol levels in the blood by reducing the microcirculation-capillary blood circulation, improves oxygen is transported in blood and tissues, and thereby improve the health, reduce disease-forming factors. Reducing the side effects of anti-arrhythmia drugs on the other hand is also effective in cases of cardiovascular failure. These diseases include:

  • An arterial hypertension
  • Essential Hypertension
  • Head and neck migraines
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Chest angine-angina pectoris
  • 1. and 11 degree of heart muscle disease
  • After infarction, coronary vessels, improving practices
  • Myocarditis-inflammation of the heart muscle
  • Cellular development of heart muscle disease, myocardial dystrophy-
  • Heart rhythm disorders
  • Vertebro-basilar insufficiency base of the brain-spinal venous insufficiency throws.
  • Circulatory system-based brain bastalıkları
  • Norosirkülatuar dystonia.
  • Ateroscleroz and arterial blockages in the legs
  • Varicose veins in the legs
  • Pile
  • Raynaud's disease-Cold disease-icing disease
  • Paralysis disease

Respiratory Diseases

Quantum Laser therapy in the treatment of upper respiratory tract and bronchial-pulmonary diseases sahiptir.yapılan extensive experience in research, quantum therapy has been proven efficacy of both adults and children. Quantum laser for treatment of respiratory diseases such as 96% is possible at a high rate. These diseases include:

  • Different clinical forms of 1-colds
  • a-acute coryza
  • B-chronic catarrh
  • c-Vasomotor flu or cold-vascular
  • d-atrophic catarrh
  • e-allergic coryza
  • f-frontal sinusitis-inflammation of the facial sinuses
  • g-acute and chronic tonsillitis
  • h-acute and chronic faringitler
  • I have an inflammation of the larynx and trachea
  • j-acute and chronic broncho-pulmonary inflammation
  • k-astım.-bronchial origin, shortness of breath, bronchial disease

Gastroenterology-(STOMACH AND BOWEL-) and Stomatology (ORAL AND DENTAL) DISEASES

Quantum laser therapy is any disease in the stomach and bowel, and the improvement in the disease process reverses the improvement of circulation sağlar.Mikro realization, formed by activation of the cell pools, Anti-edema, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems work from normal and balanced perstalmin-harekelerinin normal gastrointestinal to rotate high quantum efficiency is a result of treatment. These diseases include:

  • a-chronic gastritis-gastric inflammation
  • b-Gastric ulcer
  • c-Reflux
  • d-Chronic pancreatitis-inflammation of the pancreas
  • e-Gems chronic inflammation of the gallbladder
  • f-extrahepatic biliary dyskinesia-bile ducts does not work enough
  • g-acceleration of gallbladders of healing after surgery syndrome and
  • h-Hepatitis-inflammation of the liver
  • I have fatty liver-cirrhosis of the liver
  • j-Chronic colitis-colon inflammation
  • Constipation k-
  • l-gum and oral mucosal diseases
  • m-Paradontit-paradont inflammation of the tissues
  • n-acute and chronic inflammation of the pulpit-dişözü
  • 0-granular inflammation of priodont


The basis of quantum laser therapy microvascular circulation, improve the effectiveness of this discipline, providing more oxygen to the tissues, a strong inhibitory effect of edema, cerebral-spinal circulation to return to normal, the renewal of nerve cells and nerve conduction improvement. Diseases of the nervous system in over 91% success rate with the quantum laser therapy. These diseases include:

  • a- Sciatica herniated disc
  • b- intercostal neuralgia-
  • c- facial nerve disease
  • d-Trigeminal neuralgia
  • e- Epilepsy
  • f- Depression
  • g- Alzeimer
  • h- Parkinsonian
  • I- have multible scleroz-MS
  • j- neck hernia


According to the data Aýlana ophthalmology department of the University of DevletTıp Russia quantum medical devices, eye-to-eye micro-circulation, metabolism, hydro, and hemo (fluid and blood) dynamics, improving eyesight and eye tissue reparative processes in accelerating the healing of the eye wet rooms has been proven to have an impact. These diseases include:

a-eye vision to improve the ability of corneal disease and trauma, Postoperative corneal trauma, eye blood vessel diseases, to treat retinal disease, Glaucoma-ocular pressure

Ear and mastoid DISEASES

These health problems are very successful in the implementation of quantum laser therapy. When the laser quantum These diseases are often treated with caution, and even fully restored will heal in time. These diseases include:

  • a-Chronic inflammation of middle ear
  • b-arthritis-Otoscleroz-hearing devices, tinnitus, hearing impairment
  • c-Meniere's disease,
  • d-Acute ear infections

Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders in the body even when applied locally quantum laser therapy generally positive and the negative balance of impaired immune system to react and provide back to normal. Treatment of the affected area and also improves microcirculation in the target joint swelling, relieving the edema disappears with meat. This also significantly reduces pain and restructuring processes by initiating joint activities returns to normal.

The various research and applications of quantum laser therapy is not possible to treat many kinds of medication in the treatment of muscle and joint diseases 92% success rate - 100% indicates the presence of high activity. This unique vascular disease:

  • atroz-a-Jaw joint inflammation and arthritis in joints
  • b-hip joint, knee joint, foot joints, arthritis, and arthritis.
  • c-Shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger joints, arthritis, and arthritis
  • d-heel bone spur, heel spurs
  • e-Muscle inflammation, muscle aches and inflammation of the muscle sheaths
  • f-inflammation of bone and cartilage in the spine, vertebra rheumatic disease, arthritis, and spondyloarthropathy.
  • g-Carpal TUNE senromu
  • h-Athlete trauma and injuries


Methods of quantum laser therapy has gained valuable experience in the field of gynecological and urological diseases. What is the stimulation of the immune system, improve micro-circulation in gynecological pelvic organs is applied to the positive effects do not occur. Matrix Quantum içerisindekihiperplazi treatment processes have proven to be responsible for the beneficial effects on the metabolism of phosphorus compounds.

Ürulojik quantum treatment of diseases when applied alone deilmektedir successfully treated many diseases. These diseases include:

  • a-Endometritis-uterine inflammation of the mucosa of
  • inflammation of the fallopian tubes and peritoneum b-
  • c-servical erosion
  • d-uterine fibroma
  • during menstrual disorders E-
  • f-ovarian-ovarian retention cysts
  • Some are limited forms of g-
  • h-Oligomenorrhea-lack of menstruation
  • i-pelvic pain
  • j-Fibrocystic breast disease
  • k-Piyolonefrit
  • l-Glomerulonephritis
  • m--Prostatitis
  • n-urethritis
  • it Cystitis
  • p-involuntary urinary incontinence
  • q-voiding difficulty-bladder and urinary disorders associated with the channel
  • In contrast, the prevention of mastitis in the r-
  • lack of s-Hipogalti-milk secretion


There are three main components in the formation of traumatic wounds. The wound itself, inflammation and repair. Vardır.Mikrodolaşımın a positive effect on all components of the treatment of quantum healing, drainage-edema of the affected area reducing the provision of pain relief effect. Stimulation of reparative processes, and defects in the maturation of granulation tissue accelerate the renewal of epithelial tissue. Quantum treatment also stimulates the strengthening of the immune system builder. These diseases include:

  • a-traumatic fractures
  • b-articular ligament injuries of
  • c-joint dislocations
  • d-Sprains
  • e-Jaw Fractures
  • f-traumatic and post-operative wounds-in the first 10 days
  • g-post-operative scars
  • h-burns and frostbite
  • Surface traumas and bruises I-rotten.


His contemporaries Quantum laser therapy as a treatment and preventive for use in Russia among children is widely used. Methods are recommended for adults in children (new born babies-14 years) Application alnları general somatic stimulation for the children on

  • a-3yaşın
  • b-infancy circuit gastroenterolojisi
  • Gasririt, doudenit, colitis, liver, pancreas diseases, diseases of the esophagus
  • c-kidney and urinary tract diseases in children
  • d-Alopecia
  • e-Corneal diseases
  • f-voiding disorders, urinary incontinence, cystitis
  • g-zaka retardation of genetic origin
  • h-Desadaptasyon senromu-environment non-compliance
  • I have the upper respiratory tract of preventive health services
  • j-Psikoemotif disorders
  • k-Lung Diseases.